We started this business as Sein Na Gar since 1992 and our very first edible storage oil tank was built in 1996.

In 2002, we started manufacturing PP Woven & mesh bags and in 2004 with Tarpaulin.

Our business expanded in 2006 as we developed Mandalay sales in 2017.

In 2018, second oil tank was built and expanded to South Dagon in 2019. Now, we're becoming one of the leading manufacturers of oil and plastics industry.

WELCOME TO Our Businesses

  • Edible Oil
    1. Ground Nuts Oil
    2. Sunflower Oil
    3. Soybean Oil
    4. Canola Oil
  • PP Bags
  • Travel & Tours

Where We Are

Our Mission

Our goal is to make our Diamond Dragon to become the best in the Industry and always able to celebrate for the integrity and hard work. Moreover, we need to provide the best value for our customers and we have to care and fulfill their wants and needs.

Our Vision

First of all, our vision is to create a better future for both of our customers and our employees. We have to be able to build their life to be happy and healthy. And broadly speaking, we need to maintain the value of nature and make the world better with enriched nourishes.